TalenTrade’s professional development programs empower participants in any industry or role to thrive in the rapidly changing world of work.

Our programs deliver a set of transferable ‘21st century’ skills which are taught in many of the world’s most exclusive consulting firms. These skills, such as problem structuring, data analysis and time management, are critical to success in any field, organisation or role.

TalenTrade’s flagship course, the Core Professional programme, is primarily delivered by corporate volunteers from industry-leading companies who are certified in the TalenTrade training method. Our interactive classroom-based training allows facilitators and participants to share knowledge, experience, tools, and perspectives.


Corporations can contribute the skills and time of their employees to social causes by delivering TalenTrade’s courses to organisations in the charitable sector, as well as directly to vulnerable groups in need of upskilling. In doing so, employees from the private sector get hands-on experience working with those in the charitable sector or disadvantaged groups to help build their skills. Private companies also have the option to run TalenTrade’s Core Professional programme within their own organisations to either onboard or upskill their own employees. Contact us herefor more details.

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Charities and non-profit organisations can participate in TalenTrade training programs delivered by corporate volunteers from leading companies. Our corporate-led courses allow non-profit participants to learn foundational theories and leading practices used in the private sector. Charities and non-profits can also deliver TalenTrade’s Core Professional programme to their own employees internally, or to beneficiaries of their programs (i.e. to vulnerable or disadvantaged groups). TalenTrade has a limited number of scholarships available for charity and non-profit participants to attend our corporate-led training courses for reduced or no fees.

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Government employees can participate in TalenTrade’s corporate-led training programmes in the same manner as charities and non-profit organisations. Participants learn foundational concepts, frameworks and insights into how many of the largest, most innovative companies operate day-to-day. Government organisations also have the opportunity to deliver TalenTrade’s training programs in-house for their own employees, or to their beneficiaries (including vulnerable or disadvantaged groups) in need of upskilling.

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Academic institutions can opt for their recent graduates who are NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) to participate in TalenTrade’s Core Professional programme, as delivered by our partner training providers. Our training allows recent graduates to gain hands-on professional skills in a condensed timeframe, while directly networking with volunteer facilitators from the corporate, non-profit, or government sectors.

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I really enjoyed getting to know the participants and learning about their charities’ work, but I also realised that I could use the principles I was teaching more in my own day-to-day work as well.

Pratik, Google

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